Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unstoppable Global Warming Trends

In the last decade, there has been a rising concern about the average temperature of the world and how it is changing for the worse. This article discusses greenhouse gases and other emissions that contribute to the rising temperatures of the Earth. The main statement is that even if all emissions were stopped immediately, Earth will continue to get warmer.

Kyle Armour, a doctoral physics, suspects that the Earth will never be below the temperatures pre-Industrial Revolution. The average temperature has already increased 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century and may increase an additional 2.5 degrees. This level of increase is worrisome due to the potential damaging effects on the climate. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions will likely remain in the atmosphere for at least several hundred, if not thousands of years. The immediate removal of all greenhouse has emitting items such as cars is implausible and unrealistic. So it seems as though the climate is stuck in a downward spiral that will only continue to get worse.

The healthiness of Earth changes constantly and our current actions make a difference in the near and far future. Even if there can not be drastic action taken immediately, any effort to reduce the amount of emissions can have a positive influence on the climate.

Posted by Liz Stangle (3)


  1. Global warming has always been a controversial issue in the world of science. Just as the article claims, global warming will seemingly never come to an end. The climate continuously changes and the average temperature rises as the years pass. Although this article is high lighting that the Earth will continue to get warmer even if green house emissions ceased to exist, I still believe it is important to do our part in slowing global warming. If we do our part in reducing green house emissions global warming will not accelerate as fast as if we did nothing about it.
    Posted by Teryn McCook (2)

  2. Other studies have been done that show that the earth regularly goes through cycles of warming up. While they have not been as high as they are right now, it seems as though this is a fairly normal occurrence. As the article says, there is not much we can do at this point, not to mention should the industrial revolution never had happened, our society would not exist as it we know it today.

    Posted by Marlena Grasso

  3. I would first like to state that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old. It has dealt with some pretty dire events in its past, such as comets, meteors and asteroids crashing into it. The Earth does not just sit idly by and let itself be destroyed, it is constantly evolving. One way in which the Earth is dealing with excess carbon emissions is by taking much of the atmospheric CO(2) and dissipating it throughout its oceans. It is doing this as we speak, and it will continue doing so for the next millennium. The Earth's oceans currently store over thirty trillions tons of carbon. Once this process has taken place, the Earth is going to take all of that CO(2) and pump it in the oceans' rocks over the next ten millennia or so. In doing so, the Earth's CO(2) concentrations will be refreshed to what they were prior to humans nearly screwing everything up.

    Posted by Derek Melzar

  4. Unfortunately, earth’s increasing temperature is something that cannot be controlled, and to tell leading countries to ease on industrialization, which is causing the release of greenhouse gases, is impossible. Of course, there are those companies that are trying to slow down global warming by producing products that are “green” such as electric cars or those that use wind energy just to name a few. But there are also people who create convoluted arguments in opposition to such advances. For example: persons living in the Cape Cod area were against the production of electricity through the use of windmills because they supposedly obstructed the coastal scenery. Just about two and half weeks ago we witnessed the effects of global warming through the back-to-back snowstorms that impacted 60% of the US (warmer air due to global warming holds more moisture and when it mixes with below 32ºF temperatures, it dumps more snow). At times I do not understand why people oppose ideas that are clearly beneficial.

    Posted by: Nelson Milano

  5. Hmmmm. Well, nowadays in public scientific discussions, it doesn't get much more divisive than climate science. This juxtaposed with the fact that nearly no one with expertise in the field disputes most of the findings of fellow climatologists makes for one hell of a public relations mess. The debate itself has become so absurdly polarized that the educated individuals, of whom, I guess, I would include myself, have really just ceased to care. Besides, it's pretty hard to get your opposition to give a crap about the impending doom of the world when that is what the majority of them are genuinely looking forward to anyway for various religious reasons.

  6. The earths temperature has fluctuated for millions of years. Obviously removing all greenhouse emissions is not an immediate solution but I still think it's important to keep up the effort to reduce pollution. At the very least these efforts will reduce the severity of warming in the future.

    - Jessica Kusmirek

  7. Although the earth's temperature varies throughout time. The fact we are releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases could alter earth's pattern. If we ignore the rising temperatures, it may be too late to stop releasing greenhouse emissions with major consequences involved.

    -Reed Allen

  8. I do believe that we are omitting too much carbon in the air and that we should do things to help the environment. However, I don't agree with that we humans are the only cause of the happenings in the climate of our world. I do think that there must be other things interconnected and not only human causes. Like for example some studies show that the earth goes through climate changes naturally. but i do believe that we need to take some responsibility and come up with ways to reduce CO2 emissions.

    Cleopatra Duque

  9. I wish the article had made a statement about continuing to make a conscious effort towards reducing greenhouse emissions. Although the article states that the Earth will likely continue rising in temperature, it does not say that nothing can be done. We forget that the many resources that we depend on, such as oil, are not endless and its uses negatively impact the environment. It is a win/win situation if we can develop alternatives, even if the big picture doesn't seem to change, our daily impact can be significantly decreased.