Monday, April 23, 2012

Bridges Made of Water?

Water is quintessential for life on earth, and it remains one of the most puzzling substances known to man. Scientists have been working since the beginning of recorded science to comprehend this incredible substance, and new research only adds to the mystery. Scientists at Graz University of Technology have found that when under the influence of a very strong electric field, water fill form a "bridge" between two beakers. 

Elmar Fuchs and his colleagues have found that when two beakers are under the influence of high energy electric fields, water will climb out of two side by side beakers to form a bridge. The water moved from the anode or negatively charged beaker to the cathode beaker, and was able to form this "bridge" up to a distance of 25mm. Scientists found oscillations of molecules within the structure, which they believe attribute to the formation and maintained shape of the cylindrical connection of water. The electric fields are believed to form what scientists are calling "microstructures", which is an un-pioneered field as of now. 

What puzzles scientists most, is how water can be so versatile, and is unlike any other substance on earth. The fact that electricity causes it to act in this way is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mysteries of water and its physical properties. The value in terms of applications for this discovery are not quite apparent yet due to the mysteries of the field, but never the less it is very intriguing.  

- Jeff Keating (2)


  1. Interesting article, to be able to harness something natural is simply amazing.Water is versatile but it can be dangerous due to its strength. But I wonder if full useable bridges could ever be made with something so mysterious?

    Posted by Khoa Chu(1)

    1. From taking 2 semesters of organic chemistry i agree that water is a fascinating substance. It an be less dense that it's liquid form at a solid, so it's no surprise that when other factors such as electricity are involved, that we see more crazy stuff. Interesting Blog!

      Posted by Jen Silva(3)

  2. Wow, that's a really neat picture. I have been told in Chem, Bio, and Physics classes how important and interesting water is, with its unique properties, but I never knew this water bridge was possible. I am very interested to see what uses scientists can find for this discovery.

    Posted By Erica Bonnell(1)

  3. Very strong doubts about this technology being used for actual bridges, but this definitely has uses. Any kind of scientific discovery, no matter how seemingly trivial or strange, can be made of use when put in the correct context.

    Mike Selden (3)

  4. It is truly amazing how versatile a simple substance like water can be. This bridge finding can lead to many advances with water itself. With an increase in these electric fields, who knows what else water can do. Hopefully this finding will lead to additional research of water and its abilities

  5. very cool. I hope we can continue to find new ways of utilizing water. It so interesting, that a oxygen and two hydrogen molecule and hold the key to life, and without it, life cannot exist.

    -Hermann Kam