Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why drink water?

We have all heard either a doctor, a parent or some poster say 'Don't forget to drink 8 cups of water a day!' but why? Well first off without water we would die after about three days. Most people know that our bodies are 60% water and its important for our health to keep hydrated. We are constantly loosing water through sweating, breathing or going to the bathroom and its important to maintain a balance of fluids. A maintained balance helps with digestion, circulation and regulating body temperature. When our fluid concentration is low the body goes into thirst mode. Cells can become shriveled causing fatigue, dizziness and weakness and proper water balance is needed to energize muscles and feel refreshed and alert!  Kidneys are constantly circulating fluids and need enough fluids to aid in getting rid of what the body does not need. Its easy to tell when you are dehydrated, urine will increase in color and odor. A main source of headaches is dehydration, one thing college students know too much of after a night of drinking. Think of water like oil, its helps the whole system run smoothly.
Not only does water help you feel better but it'll help you look better! Water can help with breakouts and keep skin clear by flushing out all the bad toxins trapped in your skin. Without it skin can look dry and wrinkled. Knowing the importance of drinking water might help you choose a bottle of water instead of a soda next time and lowering your calorie count for the day! Personally I know how difficult it is to constantly drink water throughout the day. Water helps you feel full and keeps you away from unhealthy snacking. Some easy tips to help with that are just making sure you carry a water bottle with you everywhere! Camelback water bottles help me drink the most since you do not have to keep unscrewing the top. Try having a glass of water with every meal. If plain water is too boring for you add cucumbers, pineapples and lemon for a little extra flavor. Or even packets such as crystal light can help! It is recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. Now grab some water and get drinking!

Melissa Stephens


  1. I love this blog post! I completely agree with the importance of water. Personally, I mainly drink water rather than sugary drinks or soda. I feel that after drinking water you are rejuvenated and provides your body with the fuel it needs to stay overall healthy. I notice when I do not drink a good amount of water throughout the day I tend to feel fatigue, dizzy and even end up passing out sometimes :( Water is very essential !!!!!!

    Posted by Angela Driscoll (group A)

  2. I am honestly a huge advocate and lover of water. I enjoy the clean, crisp, refreshing aspects of water opposed to juice or soda (the worst). I also was wondering if sparkling water or artificially flavored water is just as (or almost as) good for you! That would really influence a lot more people to drink a lot more water!

    Posted by Caitlin Lohr

  3. I've never been much of a soda drinker, so water has been my go to choice of drink ever since I can remember. Unfortunately, not a lot of people feel the same way, and as a generally obese country I believe that if more people drank water than there would be a lot healthier people in the world. I remember telling a good friend of mine that she must drink more water because she always used to get headaches, and now after a couple years of drinking water consistently she is headache free and even advocating to her other friends to drink more water. The effects of water are always positive and I hope that more people understand that after reading your post! Thanks for the information. Stay hydrated!

    Posted by Nicolas Baltayan (Group A)

  4. I've always chose water as my drink of choice. And, I guess I should be glad that I have. But, after reading this blog post, I don't think I even drink enough water during the day! You made a good note of drinking from a Camelback which is also good for our environement (less plastic waste). This is the only body we have and its important we treat it right.

    Post by Anna Potorski

  5. Water is so important for your health! I drink so much water throughout the day that eight glasses doesn't seem like that much to me but I known for some people it seems impossible to drink that much. One of my friends struggles to drink more than one glass with each meal but when I go to the dining hall I always refill my glass at least four or five times and it's funny cause if there's a day where I don't drink a lot of water I can feel the difference.

    Posted by: Katie Kossack (Group B)

  6. This blog is fact driven! I wish more people realized that the cause of headaches and migraines most times are due to dehydration. Water is vital for the body and our everyday functions. I was once a huge lover of coke and pepsi but always felt fatigued and "sloppy" afterwards and felt cutting the sugary drinks from my diet would help me drop weight. Not only did I lose weight but I started to fall asleep easier and could stay asleep. Great post it was very relate able.

    Posted by: Givenchy Humes (Group b)