Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Is exercise actually beneficial?

Is exercise actually beneficial?

When people age, losing brain function is major concern. People are increasingly trying to prevent the loss of cognitive impairment as it becomes a major concern. An increase in physical activity has been associated with many benefits, now becoming an important prevention target for dementia and decrease in brain function.

To put this to a test, different age groups aged 18-79 participated in a study to examine the associations between exercise and cognitive function. Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between exercise and brain function in two main cognitive domains (executive function and memory) were examined and whether or not age span makes a difference. Results from this and prospective studies have shown positive effects on brain function and dementia risk when it comes to an increase of physical activity. When higher levels of physical exercise existed, there was better executive function and memory among all different ages.

“Exercise is good for you” is something you hear pretty often, but it’s hard to just balance extracurricular activities, exercise and academics. It’s good to know that exercise is actually proven to be beneficial to your body and let’s you live out a longer life. What you do to your body and what you put in it definitely has a large impact on your life. Exercise does not only slow the loss of cognitive impairment, but it also has a lot of benefits shown in the image on the right. If you want access to these benefits, start any sort of physical activity now.

Posted by Catherine Tsang (3)


  1. Its crazy to think about how much of an effect exercise has on our every day life. Not only does it keep us in shape and increase blood flow, but also help with brain function as you mentioned. Everything about exercising is beneficial, theres no reason not to work out!

    Posted by Sarah Aboody (1)

    1. I'm sure people know how beneficial exercise is, but people still don't exercise all that often! I know for myself personally, I just started going back to the gym regularly. It's much easier when you have a work out body or when you're personally motivated to actually go to the gym. I hope people start caring about their health more and actually start working out.

      -Catherine Tsang (3)