Thursday, April 5, 2018

How the Use of Opioids Can Shut Down Your Body

How the Use of Opioids Can Shut Down Your Body

It seems that now in the news we are seeing a spike in deaths in the U.S. due to opioid overdose. Opioids are drugs that include: heroin, morphine, and fentanyl. They can be used to relieve severe pain and cause intense feelings of pleasure and euphoria. But they are also very dangerous and they can be especially harmful when they interfere with crucial systems in the body. The first and fastest effect is the restriction of normal voluntary and involuntary breathing. Opioids have the ability to slow down the rate an depth of breathing. Here's how opioids do this: In the brain stem there are two regions called the medulla and the pons, they are both responsible or controlling the depth and rate of breathing in the body. They also contain many opioid receptors, basically proteins that are situated on the surface of cells and whose job it is to grab onto opioids to activate a cell and cause a response. When activated, the receptors change the behavior of cells so it can slow down or even in some cases stop breathing all together. Opioids also affect the carotid body, which is a small cluster of cells inside our necks that sense small increases in CO2 and in response, create bigger breaths in order to remove the excess CO2 and bring us back to our baseline. However, people who take opioids might have trouble doing this because opioids can dampen this natural response, which essentially silences the body's CO2 warning system. So basically, the emergency signals the body is usually receiving in this situation are never sent and go undetected. 

Zoe Israel
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  1. The opiod epidemic has been worse now more than ever, especially in the Boston area. I myself have had to deal with two heroin overdoses in the past two weeks, both people in which I went to high school with. Apparently at least 5 men and women are dying every day in Massachusetts because of the increasing amount of the drug fentanyl that is mixed in with heroin that is sold on the streets. This drug is extremely potent, producing a more intense high than heroin and wearing off more quickly than heroin as well. It is very sad that this is causing the overdose rates to increase. Some type of solution needs to be devised and it needs to be implemented quick! If you wish to read more about the opioid crisis in Boston, here is a link:

    Posted by Kamilla Leao (2)

  2. I'm glad that we have taken action techniques as well as educational programs to slow the crisis, but there is still a lot of work to do. I am glad that there has been more of a recognition of this crisis and help to prevent it from happening. I know for instance my hometown has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. They recently refitted an old abandoned mental hospital as a drug rehabilitation facility. Also, all of the town first responders have carried Narcan for a while. Narcan has been toted as kind of a wonder drug in the opioid epidemic that when injected starts them breathing again.

    Zane Ruehrwein (3)

    1. Yeah I have been seeing it all over the news recently so I decided to write about it. I have never personally had to deal with it so Im sorry you have had to. It just seems so awful and so damaging not only to the body but to everyone around the people who choose to do it.

      -Zoe Israel

  3. It was interesting reading about how the mechanisms of opioids actually function in your body. I wonder if any sort of brain stem damage would effect the body's ability to carry out these mechanisms, as the opioid receptors are located there or if the receptors would still be able to detect the stimulus.

    -Sunaina Sharma (3)

    1. That's an interesting point. I looked at a pretty surface level explanation of what opioids are but that would would be interesting to know, it could be a way of preventing addicts from having positive reactions to it.

      -Zoe Israel

  4. Is there any way to reverse this cellular response once it has started? Once the opioid receptors have started the process of slowing down breathing, is it possible to stop? On another note, the opioid epidemic is so bad even the brightest stars have fallen. I believe Prince and Dolores O'Riordan had fentanyl in their systems when they passed.

    Posted by Sarah Kamukala

    1. I know it really is such a terrible way to go. And so damaging to our bodies! I'm not sure how the receptor cascade works or if it even works that way. I took a very general look at the way opioids affect the body but that would be something interesting to know for sure.

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  6. With the current generation, I feel like it's very easy for people to abuse drug use. Everything is so easily accessible; it's really bad. Any type of drug is harmful to the body when you take it when it's unnecessary. It's pretty dangerous that drugs can just shut down your body and slow your breathing. I think we should really advertise the side effects of the different drugs out there because younger teens and people of various ages can be so easily influenced by the people around them.

    -Catherine Tsang (3)

    1. Yeah before I read this article I knew opioids were harmful but I really didn't know the extent to which they can affect the body.

      -Zoe Israel

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