Sunday, November 11, 2018

Vaccines Cause Autism?

This has been a debated topic for many years. We have the pro vaccinators and those against vaccinations. For years many people have believed the vaccines were the cause for children having autism but there is more then ample evidence that refutes this absurd thought. This article explains the stories of multiple children who have been vaccinated and who are autistic and how their siblings who have not been vaccinated are not. It continues to falsely accuse vaccinations for the cause of their child’s illness. 

There have been multiple studies that have done research on if vaccines really do cause autism with the same continuous outcome that it does not. The article, “Autism and measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine: no epidemiological evidence for a causal association,” states that their research does not support a causal relationships between vaccines and autism. They go on to say that; “There was no difference in age at diagnosis between the cases vaccinated before or after 18 months of age and those never vaccinated. Also there was no temporal association between onset of autism within 1 or 2 years after vaccination.”  This and many other articles go to dispute the false accusations that vaccines cause autism.

In another article in the Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc., a mother tells a story about how she vaccinated her child and found him dead in his cot the next work. This mother also bases her opinion that the vaccine killed her child on the medical opinion of Dr. Kalokerinos, who had been know to support many controversial issues over his years. He believed that vaccines were used in the genocide of indigenous Australians and the spread of HIV in Africa. Off the bat a man with such controversial opinions should not be a trusted source for information about vaccines. The moms who speak out about their children becoming autistic after receiving vaccinations support their claims from very biased doctors and uneducated websites. 

I think that people who decide to not vaccinate their children should have copious amount of evidence as to why they aren’t doing so. They should also look into the multiple cases of scientists and doctors refuting their earlier work that vaccines are unsafe, as more evidence has come to light about vaccines in recent years. There is a great deal of evidence to support that everyone should vaccinate their children, not only for their health but the health of everyone around them.

Posted by: Katarzyna Mosio (3)


  1. This is such a hot button topic this day in age, and one that is constantly subject to unreliable news articles and interviews. It seriously bothers me that so many people are exposed to these fake news sources and use them as their sole basis for making life altering decisions for their children.

    -Posted by Jamie Downer

    1. It truly is frustrating that people continue to be exposed to fake new sites daily and continue to believe what these people are saying. Basing your child's health on other peoples opinions should not be the way society works. Parents need to hear the facts before deciding if they want to or don't want to vaccinate their children.

      Posted by: Katarzyna Mosio

  2. There are so many anti-vaccinates out there who get false information and getting influenced by celebrities who also follow the same nonsense. There should be more effort on the government and social interventions teaching the community about vaccines and why they are useful.
    -Rachel Klett

    1. I definitely agree with there being some intervention with sorting through fake and real websites and making sure people are exposed to the facts about vaccines. This kind of program could be very costly but it might be necessary with the abundance of fake news websites being created everyday.

      Posted by: Katarzyna Mosio

  3. The stories that were mentioned in this blog are really bad outcomes that happens to people. Now from the parents side, having a child diagnosed with autism or that dies is a very hard reality to deal with and usually people look for the reason for everything, people usually go to the easier reason to find which in this case saying that the vaccine is what caused th death or the illness. Now that is not based on research or a good resource, but these days with the media, news and ideas are shared randomly and read by millions of people without looking at the accuracy and source, this is how false info are spread around. That can cause an uncertainty and fear of vaccine in populations.

    Posted by Jad Imad

    1. Yes it is true that many people try to cope with the death of their children by looking at other people or things to blame. It is definitely important to gather all your facts before going on the internet and spewing information that you believe the be a fact. I agree this ends up causing fear in other people in the population.

      Posted by: Katarzyna Mosio

  4. The false idea that vaccines cause autism has been circulating for many years! It baffles me that people still believe this to be true, as it has been proven false time and time again. I believe part of the issue as to why this false information was perpetuated in the first place is because autism starts to rear its head in children around the same time that children receive their first vaccines. Many individuals, however, cannot separate correlation from causation. They therefore assume that vaccines must cause autism, without looking into any other variables or possibilities. This is concerning because the decision that these individuals make to not vaccinate their children not only puts their children at risk, but also every single one of us, vaccinated or not.

    Posted by: Hayley Fecko


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