Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Act Your Age-Don't Look It!

As we grow older, we may start noticing our youth fade, and certain physical changes occur, such as wrinkles, sun damage, and maybe even graying hair- mostly problems we’ve heard our parents complain about, and never thought we’d face.  The beauty business has been working hard to create and advance thousands of remedies, creams and injections to try and give people a chance to delay their aging, if only for a moment.

Along with dermatologist prescribed or store-bought products, surgery has also been a go-to for those extremely dedicated to their appearance.  Typically, people can get a face-lift, in which their skin is physically tightened back and readjusted at the hairline.  A recently developed face-lift procedure, called a stem-cell face-lift, eliminates the need for surgery at all, and utilizes stem-cells from subcutaneous fat found in the lower abdomen or inner thighs. 
The procedure works by suctioning a small amount of the previously chosen subcutaneous fat via a small needle puncture.  Subcutaneous fat in the lower abdomen and inner thigh regions have been found to have high concentrations of stem cells. The obtained fat is then mixed with growth factors, which are embedded in micro-hyaluronic, allowing the growth factors to be released periodically over the course of 3 months.  Additionally, using multi-planer technique, fat and stem cells are transplanted to the face.  This technique differs from a typical surgical face-lift due to the multi-planer nature, because the skin rejuvenation can occur at each level naturally and create an even look.  The procedure takes place in three levels of the skin, so while the top layer of the skin is modified, the skin underneath is being altered gradually as well.  

Although the effects of this procedure are not permanent, and eventually the effects of aging take effect, this procedure is extremely effective in temporarily prolonging aging.  The beauty industry is forever evolving, and the demand for anti-aging products will continue to become more advanced, and less invasive.

Erina Taradai Group 3


  1. I had no idea this kind of procedure was even possible. It's obviously very involved and seems to be less harmful than pulling the skin back. That being said, it sounds like it would be incredibly expensive and not a feasible option for most people in the near future.

    Posted By: Forootan Alizadehasil

  2. I also had no idea this was even a thing.. pretty cool stuff! But as techniques and ideas evolve and advance both technologically and biologically, my worry about the affects that come along later on with these experiments.. We don't have time to run a proper experiment and wait long enough to see what the long term effects could be and also experimenting on how to make it more effective or even make it longer lasting! We don't have that waiting experimental period when the demand for these types of things are going to sky rocket as soon as word gets around! Still a pretty amazing thought that we can use stem sells in place of surgery!
    -Kelsey Morrison

  3. I have also never heard of this but it sounds awesome! The fact that they have finally began to develop a product that works naturally and gradually is great. Although this seems like it has a lot of upsides it seems risky and and invasive. Also, I wonder if it is possible for the growth factors in the fat to not work and the face would just look bigger. This would be a very bad side effect that would turn off a lot of people to this product.

    Posted by: Ashley Geary

  4. As the technological world evolves at a faster pace, it heavily impacts other industries that rely strongly on it, such as the cosmetic industry. the invention of newer and "simpler" tools creates a gateway for alternative procedures to be much more uncomplicated, easy, and less detrimental. thus, we now tend see procedures that are more so natural and utilizes other parts of a patient's body to enhance and or fix certain areas.

    -Soffie Jobarteh