Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Taking a look inside with Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary and engineering researches at the University of Saskatchewan have come together to create an imagining technology to further understand the unknown of the gut of a horse. A veterinary researcher Dr. Julia Montgomery, equine surgeon Dr. Joe Bracamonte and specialist in health informatics and imaging Khan Wahid teamed up and created and tested an endoscopy  capsule, the size of a typical vitamin, to view the inside of a horse.

Before this research there were no other ways to view the small intestine besides exploratory surgery or a laparoscopy. A laparoscopy is a small tube with a light that gets inserted through an incision. Neither of these options gives the view from inside of the intestine. 

This new capsule is a powerful innovation that can be used to diagnose diseases such as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and to check surgical sites. This can determine and prove what is normal of the small intestine.

This capsule is not new in the technology with humans but is very new to the equine health world. The capsule is inserted through a stomach tube into the horses stomach. The capsule then sits in the stomach for eight hours streaming a constant picture. 
With new technology we can make major advances in equine medicine and help many horses. 

-Emily Mueller (Group 2) 


  1. It's great to see that devices to help human health are being adopted in use for animals. As humans, we seem to forget that we are also animals and that we all live on this planet together. Lately it seems we are causing the extinction of many species, so its good to see some humans respect animals lives and look to help them in the same way we help other humans.

    - Chris Richard

  2. I agree with you. I feel it's so important to advance Veterinary medicine to help our animals. We can learn a lot about different medical techniques when studying animals and the way their bodies work. It's important to recognize that animals play a big part in our ecosystem.

    -Emily Mueller (Group 2)

  3. It's amazing what all this new technology is able to accomplish. It is important to keep developing new technologies to be able to protect the animals that are on this earth. I found it very interesting to learn about new developments and if more people are educated in this field then more people can come up with new ideas to help more animals.

    Rebecca Thomas

  4. I am a big animal enthusiast and it is great to see further technologies in equine research. I wonder if these new technologies will help in horse racing at all and if they will be able to save more horses moving forward.

    Ashley Geary (1)