Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SILENT KILLERS: Radio frequency trasmissions

Natural News is the name of a website that has many articles relating to your health, something most everyone is drawn in by and concerned about because we all want to stay healthy and live for as long as we can. It seems like a pretty legitimate website especially with a title such as 'Natural News' until I read this one article titles 'SILENT KILLER: smart readers are destroying your health'. This article said that smart meters which are meters that record data about resource usage of electricity and water in your household and send that data to the billing company. They used to be manually read. This article goes on to say that companies are over billing and shut off water or electricity even if the bill has been paid. Which does not seem so legitimate since leaving a house without electricity and water for no reason is a serious issue. But that's not the main topic of this article, its the health affects of the EMF radiation from these smart meters. EMF radiation is 'electric magnetic radiation that consists of photons that travel in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light'. Smart meters send their data using RF transmissions, which is a radio frequency transmission used for wireless communication. Its the same technology as cell phones, pagers, and WiFi. The article says that this radiations from the smart meters has led to 'leg cramps, eye problems, fatigue, ringing in ears, problems sleeping, headaches, learning problems, heart problems, and balance problems.' Its true that high levels of RF transmissions can lead to serious health problems but smart readers are not coming close to those harmful levels. The Federal Communications Commission, a website by the government states 'environmental levels of RF energy routinely encountered by the general public are typically far below levels necessary to produce significant heating and increased body temperature'. Since smart readers are basically like cell phones then having my cell phone by my side almost every second of every day for the past 8 years of my life you would think I would be showing some symptoms listed above. But that is not the case and smart readers are placed on your house, something you are not going to be near the entire day or even close to very often. 
This website seemed very scary at first as that everything in my life was harming my health but after reading the articles and doing background research that didn't even take too long they seems almost comical. Its so easy to read something scientific and believe in it since science is supposed to always be right because scientists supposedly always use the scientific method to support their data. But in this case this article is only trying to get as many readers as it can, the scare of health problems really draws them in. They even site their sources but two of the sources are the exact same. It's easy to believe in what you read, especially if these "smart" looking websites sound very scientific and use big words that might make it seem that they must know what their talking about. But its important to always do your own research from different websites that are credited to come to your own conclusion.
Melissa Stephens


  1. I actually looked at the Natural News website for my blog post a couple of weeks ago and I could not believe how any of these articles are actually able to be posted to the internet! Relating to your specific article, its comical to think that these machines are destroying your health to the point where you are having heart problems. Coming to a conclusion like that requires research and even experimental data. I doubt this author has any background research or include any factual references. Obviously this article is a complete bias opinion which could ultimately lead to others believing that they are in danger!

    Angela Driscoll (group A)

    1. At first you think oh gosh im killing myself with everything I do and thats what draws the readers in is the fear. They want to learn more about their health but dont realize how fake it is! If our cell phones were giving us such health problems like the smart readers supposedly are then that would be much bigger news and people would take it much more seriously.

  2. I wonder how the author came to the conclusion that people who have these symptoms are all affected by the smart readers; it is not even a logical or obvious explanation. I would love to hear the thought process that went into diagnosing a man with leg cramps and a woman with heart problems from having too high levels of radioactive exposure from simply living in their home, which gets inspected and has not been known to cause this problem. You clearly state facts that disprove the article, that adequate research has been done to confidently say the amount of radiation from these devices is nowhere near enough to cause health problems. This is definitely comical to say the least and it is scary that some people will actually believe everything they read.

    Posted by Jenna Lansbury

    1. I also wondered that. Maybe it was a poor data collection that was very skewed because the people answering already had poor health or didnt like technology being used so much and thinking theyre being "scammed". My research into the smart readers didnt even take me that long at all. I just looked up what the RF transmission even was and then laughed when I saw its the same technology as our cell phones! And our cell phones are giving us physical disabilities or at least nothing as serious or with such a fast onset as these smart readers supposedly are. The people reading this are just so drawn in by fear and think since its scientific it just be true. It still amazes me as to why people would post these fake or misinforming stories at all.

  3. It is really important to always do your own research, I think articles like the radio frequency ones are particularly difficult since that did have a root in science and it did have a logical flow that seems to work.

    Hargun Khanna (B)

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