Wednesday, March 2, 2011

men can also get HPV?

The virus known for causing cervical cancer in women also turns up in men and can go on unnoticed for months or even years, researchers states in Lancet.

There are many different types of HPV and more than 40 that can be transmitted sexually. vaccines, Merck’s Gardasil and GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix, protect against cancer-causing HPV and both vaccines are recommended for young women. Gardasil is also recommended for boys up to age 18 and its protection extends to two additional types of HPV that cause genital warts in males and females.

In 2005, Giuliano of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute and an international team of researchers got together more than 4,000 men living in Brazil, Mexico and Florida into a study of HPV. The average age was 32 and none had been vaccinated against HPV. Swabs of the penis and genital area of each man revealed that 50 percent were infected with at least one HPV type upon enrollment.

The researchers repeated these exams every six months, and the men completed personal-history questionnaires. Over a median of 28 months, the group acquired 1,572 new HPV infections.

The human immune system can clear HPV out of the body, and the men wiped out most of their new infections during the study period. But it took a median 7.5 months. Median clearance times didn’t vary substantially among the countries, but did vary between HPV types. Some cases lingered as long as 24 months in the men.

The data also states that men who reports having 10 or more sexual partners in their lifetimes had roughly twice as many HPV infections as did men who had had one partner.

Giuliano says many insurance programs cover HPV vaccination in boys up to age 18.

“HPV vaccination in men will protect not only them but will also have implications for their sexual partners”

Posted by Cleopatra Duque


  1. Before reading this blog post, I thought that only women could contract HPV. It is interesting to find that both sexes can get the virus. This makes me wonder if men will start to get HPV vaccines in their teens, as a lot of young women do to help protect against the disease. Also, it is interesting that most of the men who had the virus flushed it out of their systems after several months. I wonder if women could fight off HPV just as easy.

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  2. Indeed, HPV virus can lead to the cancer of genitalia, but before reading this post, I always thought that HPV is typically associated with women and men usually do not carry that particular disease, but this blog post changed my all concept. I understand that vaccines can prevent that virus but I am wondering if safe sexual activity can also prevent HPV to occur in both men and women? Why men only can get rid of this cancer at some point and women can not? Immune system can also fight with this cancer and therefore take some time to completely destroy that cancer. But this is the only case in men, What about women? What is the difference between women and men immune system?

    By Ammar Zafar

  3. I think that there is a large misconception with HPV and with its vaccinations. There have been many problems reported after receiving the vaccinations for HPV and its effectiveness has not been proven to outweigh the risks. Gardasil only protects against a few types of HPV which is contingent upon completely the series of vaccinations before ever having intercourse. It is possible that I feel biased towards HPV and its vaccinations because I believe that the decision to distribute among young women was made too quickly. I wonder if clinical trials for Gardasil were done on men and women before its release.

  4. im trying to look up if trials were made and google says there was a 4000 men trial. i also feel biased towards it and i feel every vaccination is kind of weird. think about it, they are inserting small quantities of the virus in you. even after having studied the immune system i still feel the urge to be cautious. it is very surprising that men can get HPV because all the commercials and propaganda seems to target mostly women. scary. but at least we now know that it happens and the first step to curing a disease is by understanding it.

    cleopatra duque

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