Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reaching New Creativity

              Imagine being able to swim, run, or jump with minimum energy output?  The human body can be built to do so with the right diet and exercise, however when comparing to other organisms such as a cheetah, shark, and a kangaroo. We cannot get anywhere near to the amount of energy they are saving when it comes to running, jumping, or swimming.  I suppose you can say that it’s a trait of, where our physical body is perfect for the way we are as human beings are, walking upstart, using both hands when operating tool, and our biggest weapon is our brain (critical thinking/problem solving). If you observe these three organism they have specific traits that allows them to do the one thing that athletes dreams of (energy saving during performance).

In recent years Biologist, Animal scientist, physicist, and engineers has worked collaboratively to build instruments that will potentially allow us to get closer to save an equal amount of energy as the three organisms mentioned earlier. Some of these instruments can improve the lives of countless of people who were put in a physical disadvantage. An example being born with no legs or losing them because of a bacterial infection or a horrible accident. Whichever the case might be, the loss of one or both legs puts you on a great disadvantage, not to mention how this might impact a person who were actively running prior.


However, through great observation and physiological studies on the mechanical movements of a cheetah when running in such a high rate and in doing so safe a lot energy. Scientist were able to create prosthetic legs that resembles the mechanical structure of the cheetah’s legs. The angle and flexibility of the materials that were used produced high elastic saving, which is the main component of saving energy when running or jumping. These types of research gives rise to the creativity on improving the lives of people.
David Mota (2)


  1. I think this post was very interesting. I think that it is very important that we understand how nature works. In my opinion, nature is the closest there may be to perfection. Understanding how organisms and animals are made up, evolve, and adapt is very important. I think that following nature’s creations we can develop many products and material that can make our lives easier and could potentially save us from catastrophes and save many lives. In my previous post I talked about bio-inspired mechanism. I truly believe that we can learn a lot from nature.

    1. I believe the best ways to solve many problems concerning specific medical issues, from sickness to physical affliction would be to turn back to nature. We should observe the ways we can use natural components of our earth to combat many diseases as well as physical afflictions.

      David (2)

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