Friday, April 22, 2016

Basic Life Science Research is Seriously Flawed

Should we continue to invest billions of dollars into basic life science research? Well many taxpayers find this investment irrational and quite ludicrous. Each year drug companies, the federal government, nonprofits, and academia fund approximately $114.8 billion dollars of “wasted money on flawed results and expensive dead ends”.  It was notified to us that this is primarily due to common mistakes such as the use of wrong antibodies, contaminated or misidentified cell lines, and or poor data analysis. As we know, basic life science research is considered valid when several scientists can produce the same results.  Therefore, months or years of research “may be wasted, along with the money that funded it” if such research is not governed as authentic. Taxpayers argue that even though most of the fundamental discoveries of medicine were originated from basic life science research, scientists must challenge themselves to create more rigorous protocols and conditions that they abide by. It is unacceptable for mundane mistakes to occur daily when it affects each taxpayer’s salary. This is especially problematic when “more than half of all life sciences research is not reproducible”. 

As a taxpayer, funds should be allocated to basic life science research. There is an abundance of diseases as well as illnesses that we need to find treatment for. However, researchers should begin to strategize ways to minimize negligent mistakes from occurring. They should also make it their responsibility to ensure that our money is not being wasted on nonreproducible experimentation. 

Donisha White 


  1. Definitely money should be spend on basic life science research. Without this research, treatment for a lot of diseases wouldn't have been found. And it is the way to find treatment for the rest of diseases. It is research, so the results are unexpected and experiment may fail and the scientist may have to do it again.

    Mohammed Saleh

  2. I agree, however- we aren't talking about hundred thousands of dollars, instead its billions wasted yearly. As taxpayer's, we simply cannot afford to invest funding into nonreproducible experiments- especially when they are handled irresponsibly. I agree, research is vital to the betterment of basic life science's however, they must find alternatives to either reducing to cost of research or producing better results.