Sunday, October 6, 2019

Is it too late to prevent climate change?

We have all heard about the very serious issue of climate change, but is it too late to prevent it? Our fragile world has been pushed to its limits in recent years and now we have caused our oceans to pass their "tipping points" warns the UN body. Even if we were to cut our emissions significantly our sea levels will rise by the end of the century. It only takes a slight global temperature change to cause this change and with this temperature change comes rapid melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland.
The planet has already warmed by 1 Celsius above pre-industrial temperatures. Around 90% of our heat that gets trapped in our atmosphere is absorbed by our oceans. Our ice caps are melting at a rate that increases our oceans by 3.6mm each year. This will leave many of our ocean front cities and properties under water in the years to come with potential damages projected to increase astronomical amounts by year 2100. Even with our government agreeing to achieve a net-zero carbon emission there is already too much heat trapped in the oceans of our planet that will prevent this from making a difference.
As dark and gloomy as this sounds that doesn't mean we should just stop caring about the issue. As of now 70% of our worlds permafrost is predicted to thaw if our emissions continue to rise. This thawing will cause enormous amounts of CO2 and methane to be released into the atmosphere causing this whole process to happen even more quickly.
With all of this in consideration it comes down to the decisions you make on a day by day basis that could possibly lead to a prolonging of this horrible situation that we have placed ourselves in. We might not be able to stop climate change, but postponing it will possibly give us the time that we need to come up with a solution to the issue.

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