Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Are Laptops Sperm Murderers?

Attention all men: You might want to keep your laptops, smartphones and other Internet-browsing tools away from the family jewels.

Apparently studies have shows that putting the laptop directly above your "family jewels" is the direct culprit of lowered sperm quality and even sperm death. Laptops were invented around 3 decades ago and became popular in the 90s. I know the more people there are on the planet which means that there are more birth defects occurring but I reckon that laptops were a direct cause of the steady increase in child birth defects over the years percentage-wise. In figure 2 of an article about birth defect rates, you can see the sharp increase in heart disease birth defects. Statistics show that there was a sharp increase of heart related diseases in birth during the 90s, right around when laptops started to gain ubiquity. Who knows? Maybe it isn't just an increase in heart disease defects as the stats showed, it could be many major and minor things or long term or short term things. Although the stats showed a correlation between laptop use and birth defects, the correlation may be due to a variety of other factors such as air pollution. But one thing is for sure, we should keep the heat and radiation from away from the sperm container and be more aware of external factors that may affect sperm quality so that we can make tomorrow's best babies.

- King Wahib


  1. I've actually heard of this issue before and it honestly has caused me to be more aware of when I'm using my laptop. I try to keep it on the side and never directly on my lap. I was surprised when you mentioned how it even can relate to an increase in heart disease. I didn't know that there were multiple side effects. This is an issue that should be taken more serious because I always see people with their laptop on their lap. I think it just hasn't really been seen as a mainstream issue. Do you think they could make laptops that don't let off as much radiation? Or something we can place under it?
    Posted by Matt Cayer

    1. I only said that it lead to an increase in heart disease because i looked up statistics and I happened to come across data that showed heart disease rates over the past decades and was parallel to the increase ubiquity of laptops. I dont think they do make laptops that prevent the issue but i would invest in laptops that tend to stay cooler on the lap to prevent your semen from boiling to death or notebooks (actual notebooks not another laptop under your laptop).

      - King Wahib

  2. I believe that the potential harmful effects of electronics are a hot topic for our generation. Studies are still be conducted to validate any truth in electronics' negative effects. I know that there has been speculation on whether concentrated blue light from screens will cause macular degeneration in our generation when we reach our thirties. We have yet to know more about how technology chronically affects our body. Also related to this topic, otolaryngologists and other doctors predict that adolescents who frequently use headphones will experience early hearing loss when they grow older.

    -David Frykenberg

  3. I honestly believe that there may be a truth to the blue light situation. I see too many people these days wearing glasses and having vision problems at a very young age and that may be because we have been exposed to more advanced, pixel dense, and brighter television screens than previous generations. In addition to that, I personally have been paranoid about my eyesight and I feel like my eyesight is deteriorating from using my laptop or iPhone for too long but i do take advantage of the features on these devices such as "true tone" which warms the tone of the display to get warmer and less blue lighted.

    -King Wahib

  4. The whole idea of laptops reducing sperm quality and quantity has been around since this technology had been invented. While I never really gave this idea much thought, the possibility of these negative side effects occurring made me rethink where I place my laptop. Similarly, I had also learned in one of my biology classes that any technology that generates some form of radiation or heat has the potential to damage or mutate germ cells. However, I was surprised by the correlation between birth defects and laptop use which you mentioned in your article. The fact that a simple technological advancement, such as the laptop, has the potential to cause tangible negative effects in the next generation is honestly quite frightening. There is also data to show that due to poor working posture, laptops may also cause a number of health related issues not related to human reproduction. While I doubt that laptops and other forms of similar technology will cause a world wide reduction in male fertility, the negative side effects that one may experience from the use of a laptop should cause many to re-evaluate how they use this technology in their own lives.

    Posted by James Levangie

  5. I appreciate your comical approach. Even though this could be a minuscule factor associated with a lower sperm count I don't think its worth worrying too much about it. We have such a high sperm count to begin with due to the way we evolved over time, where a high amount of sperm was needed to "wash out" or "over power" other potential competitors sperm already occupying the female. If you're interested in learning more about this look into "sperm wars" and read about this unknown battle ground.

    Posted by Joshua Gach