Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Eliminate depression ! is that so?

Eliminate depression ! is that so?

         We are now living in a generation that is very conscious of the importance of mental health. Many young people battling with their self images have fallen into the depressions for many years but, today's society recognize these issues and we are working towards advocating for many of those who cannot advocate for themselves. As suicide rates reach new heights, researches have launched a project aiming to eliminate depression. In the past two decades suicide rates have risen by 33 percent. Statistics have shown that only about 65% of adults with depression receive treatments, however only about half get some relief from their symptoms. 

           Scientist taking on this issue figured if they tackle depression on multiple fronts such as; identifying genes that trigger depression, the efficacy of therapies, develop strategies to monitor people with depression to prevent escalated crisis and most importantly continue to encourage openness to those seeking help could be the ultimate strategy to end this fight against depression.This new project will mostly focus on the errant DNA that makes people vulnerable to depression. I think taking the molecular genetics approach to identify specific pathways that makes an individual more vulnerable to depression may be promising results. 

            At first, nailing down the actual gene linked to depression has proven to be elusive for several reasons, severity of symptoms and recurrence vary between men and women which suggest the complexity of this disease. In 2015, two researchers may have found light at the end of the tunnel, they discovered two genetic markers in a study of 2,000 chinese women with severe depression. This study showed that these genes can be found and that this problem is obviously tractable. In addition to this discovery these research will now pursue this issue on a bigger scale, with larger samples and more details. I personally admire the work of these two researchers you can read more about it here. I think if this project in the future may improve many lives. 

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  1. Do you think doctors will keep treating patients with meds or would they implement a cure? Doctors could use depression as an opportunity to treat patients and make money just like they do with cancer.

    -King Wahib

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  5. I'm glad to see someone writing about this issue! Depression is a mental illness that can be passed down through genetics so the longer this issue goes on, the more severe it will become. Finding the genes that cause it will be helpful to scientists and people working on medications for treatment. I think that we should be doing a better job educating younger generations about this growing problem so that they can understand it better and hopefully get help earlier on.

    -Charissa Yu