Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wine About It..

Everyone has heard that a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart, but is this really true? Red wine is made from dark red grapes that are crushed and fermented. Due to the grapes wine in fact has many antioxidants including, resveratrol, catechin, epicatechin, and proanthocyanidin. Proanthocyanidin and resveratrol are believed to be the antioxidants that are responsible for health benefits. These antioxidants are seen to reduce heart disease, inflammation and blood clotting, cancer and have show to extend life.  So, how much wine is needed to gain these health benefits without doing damage to the body? People who drink 5oz of red wine a day are at a 32% lower risk of these disease than people who do not drink red wine. The intake of wine must be monitored though because too much could damage the body.

Is drinking red wine everyday the only way to prevent these diseases? Is it worth it? The risks of drinking too much wine can lead to alcohol dependence, cirrhosis of the liver, and weight gain. These problems only ensue when you are starting to rely on wine, or if you are mixing the two glasses with other types of alcohols. This would do more damage to the body, but if you are just having the right amount then wine should be doing the body good. 

An example of wine helping heart disease, is know as the French Paradox. The French consume a lot of red wine. Doctors noticed that they had a lower death rates from heart disease. Even though that had the same bad habits of smoking and high blood pressure as the US and the UK. Studies in the 1980s and 90s connected the link between red wine and increased levels of antioxidants and good cholesterol. 

For more information about red wine linking to good health can be found at this link:

Posted by: Caitlyn Cordaro (1)


  1. Although interesting, further study could show that this is actually beneficial. It's definitely counter intuitive to think that drinking alcohol daily could actually improve your health. Some people are more susceptible to diseases than others so it's hard to say what works and what doesn't as far as treatment and preventatives. Personally I don't really believe drinking a glass of red wine a day has any effect. It may help with sickness due to anti-oxidants present, but I think saying it has the ability to prevent cancer etc is far fetched. We need to get a better understanding of how the body works to figure out how good anti-oxidants are. Anyways, I think that if you're going to get something you're going to get it and the fact that you drank a glass of wine everyday isn't going to change that. But that's just my opinion.

    Commented by Nick Michienzi

  2. I've never been a wine type of guy, but this a habit I could get into. It would be interesting to see whether other factors may have contributed to the French' decline in heart disease. Although both countries smoke and have high blood pressure, I feel as though America has a lot more bad habits considering our trend with obesity.
    - Mahder Haile

  3. Further research into the health benefits of wine are certainly warranted. If a true correlation between disease prevention and red wine consumption is found, researches should attempt to identify and isolate the components in the wine which are responsible for these effects. These components could potentially be fashioned into a supplement, eliminating the need to actually consume alcohol in order to obtain the health benefits.

    Bradley Sarasin (Group 3)

  4. I met a 95 year old man when I was on a trip to Hawaii and he looked incredible. He didn't wear glasses, didn't use any type of handicap device and still had a very coherent mind. He said his secret was that he ate blue berries and drank at least 2 glasses of wine every single day, which both are highly contained with anti-oxidants. He also may just have great genes but I believe that having a high dose of anti-oxidants in the body can lower risks for diseases especially for the elderly. Although having too much wine can definitely hurt the body, drinking wine in moderation can definitely help.

    Sarah Ona

    1. I think this is very interesting! I can't believe that someone of that age being so healthy. I think that the antioxidants are very important for everyones health, and if we could just figure out which antioxidants are helping fight diseases then we could make a supplement.

      Caitlyn Cordaro

  5. I have always wondered if this topic was true. Being brought up with an Italian family, a glass of wine was a normal part of dinner. I believe that with many studies out there on this topic, that red wine does have a positive outcome on the body if amount is regulated. I am curious though, that if white wine has similar outcome on the body as red wine does. I have also recently heard that a glass of wine before bed helps people lose weight. Hopefully with further research, people will gain more information about the possibilities of wine.

    Cara Murphy

  6. I have been hearing about this a lot lately that drinking red wine can have positive benefits to the body. There should be more studies and research on this topic to see if it truly is beneficial. I do believe that the facts about it being good for heart disease or helping you loose weight to be true but I am a bit skeptical because drinking alcohol is not the best thing for the body. Maybe if the amount of wine drank is regulated then it can have positive outcomes.

    Rebecca Thomas

    1. I think that moderation is key for drinking wine. Too much could really hurt the body, but I think that if someone was to just have a small glass to help fight certain diseases than I think it is worth drinking that glass.

      Caitlyn Cordaro

  7. It has always been a wonder of mine to know what wine does to the body in positive ways. I am curious to know more about the use of antioxidants in the wine to help benefit the human body if you can elaborate on it and explain the function of what the antioxidant does and why it is beneficial in the first place that would help solve more to the story!

    -Michael Sheikhai

  8. I'm wondering if it matters what kind of red wine one drinks in order to reap the benefits, for example a cheaper or more expensive one. I would expect more expensive wine to have a more thorough level of production so potentially more effective benefits, however I'm also wondering if the caliber of the wine doesn't matter, just that its red.

    Erina Taradai Group 3

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