Sunday, April 2, 2017

The "De-extinction" Dilema

The "De-extinction" Dilema

How cool would it be to see the extinct giant woolly mammoth roam the Earth again?! Scientists have become increasing close to making this possible by splicing ancient mammoth DNA into Asian Elephant DNA. Bringing back mammoths would be an incredible scientific breakthrough, but what if this breakthrough comes at the cost of losing the currently endangered elephant populations or decline/extinction of species who now inhabit the niche left by the mammoth?

Scientists are now tackling this dilemma. Many scientists are arguing that DE-extinction is too expensive and that this funding should be used to help the currently endangered species. It is estimated that it would cost tens of millions to resurrect extinct species. Many scientist also argue that this process is not 100% and could possibly not even work. With the millions invested in the DE-extinction of one species many critically endangered species could be conserved. The costs here may outweigh the benefits.

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  1. I agree that there are many ethical and ecological dilemmas that come with the de-extinction of the woolly mammoth. How would it fit among other elephants and which environment will it thrive in? Also, Asian elephants are already endangered so introducing a woolly mammoth-elephant hybrid could cause further problems with the elephants.

    Posted by Sierra Tyrol

  2. I think seeing the de-extinction of species would be really interesting! However, I completely understand the arguments against it. It doesn't really make sense to spend millions of dollars on an experiment that might not work, especially when there are thousands of animals facing extinction that need help. We've survive for millions of years without mammoths, we should probably focus on keeping the species we have on earth currently. It is concerning that the de-extinction could also cause the extinction of the elephant.

    Posted by Jordan Milone (C)

  3. It may sound very silly, but, sometimes everything happens for a reason. As much as a breakthrough this would be (bringing back certain species that have been gone for very long now), it would be terrible to endanger currently endangered species even more. Also, the argument of money is very valid. It would be the sound thing to do to help the species currently struggling. What is your personal opinion?

    Posted by Anna Potorski